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Welcome again
Facebook, Gmail and forums are NOT for studying. Mail4Group is.
Meet the website designed to make social learning fun and easy. It looks like a mailbox for your group and it already has your lecture notes.
Import your group from Gmail, Fb.. Create a new group
Works in web and on mobile

within your class and beyond

Some think they need a forum, others want a mailing list - we say it's essentially the same.

Get your group a single address @mail4group.com and receive messages from your professors or just discuss & share stuff with fellow students.

Discover course notes

At Mail4Group we’ve got study notes and exam questions
matched for your courses & school thanks to previous years.
And they're just one pin away from your inbox.

Organize your class

Shared calendar, chat, a mobile app and more cool stuff
your group needs. All in one place, for free.

Hit the ground running

Used to have a shared mailbox (on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or others)? When switching to Mail4Group.com, you don't need to start from scratch!
We can import your messages and labels (we won't remove them from your old mailbox).

Click below, to create a group, while preserving your old messages:
Import your shared mailbox

Missing an e-mail address in your Facebook group?

Add an email at Mail4Group to your Facebook group! You can use Mail4Group along with your Facebook group.

Get your Fb group an e-mail address

Ready to move your student collaboration and lecture notes hunting to the NEXT LEVEL?

Create a group for free See more features »
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